The Youth Co. people invited me to explore some crazy things, colors and simulations based on the concepts of Leandro Assis and Paula Cruz for a new Restylane USA. very proud of the result and it was totally fun to have done and at the same time challenging, thank you The Youth Co. for the invitation.
Video from @morgannhigginss on instagram post

Restylane TSQ Millennial Billboard LIVE from Naz`s vimeo
Producer: The Youth
Direction: Youth
Director of Photography: Shannon Palmer
Post-production/VFX: COLOSSAL
Editor: João Machado and Maria Luísa Machado
Finishing: Maria Luísa Machado
Color grading: Marla
Animation Coordination: Daniel Maia
VFX Supervisor: Diogo Gameiro
Illustration: Leandro Assis, Paula Cruz
2d animation: Deco Daviola, Guma Nutinski, Thallyson Silvestre, Mateuz Fernandes
Motion Graphics: Janaina Veiga, Marcos Rigobello
3d: Vinicius Lavor, Leandro Beltran
Composition: Michel Takahashi and Karlos Schirmer
Sound producer: Jamute